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  • Trafficking In Human Beings

    Law > Criminal law > Offence > Crime against individualsSocial Questions > Social affairs > Social problem > Crime > Organised crimeLaw > Rights and freedoms > Rights of the individual > Slavery Trafficking in human beings Eurovoc reference 5933 Trafficking in human beings Related […]

  • Travel

    Social Questions > Social affairs > Leisure > Tourism Eurovoc reference 4767 Travel More specific concepts Traveller Carriage of passengers Transport user Alternative Concepts Business travel Business trip Tourist travel Other Languages Spanish: Viaje French: Voyage German: Reise […]

  • Transfrontier Pollution

    Environment > Deterioration of the environment > PollutionLaw > International law > Public international law > Territorial law Transfrontier pollution Eurovoc reference 2542 Transfrontier pollution Related concepts Territorial law Dependent territory Frontier Extra-territoriality […]

  • Triticale

    Agri-Foodstuffs > Plant product > Cereals Eurovoc reference 4571 Triticale Other Languages Spanish: Tritical French: Triticale German: Triticum Italian: Triticale Portuguese: Triticale Polish: Pszenżyto Properties and Values of Triticale URI https://en.legalthesaurus.org/triticale/ […]

  • Trade Cooperation

    International Relations > Cooperation policy > Cooperation policyTrade > International trade > Trade relations > Trade agreementTrade > Trade policy > Trade policy Trade cooperation Eurovoc reference 207 Trade cooperation Related concepts Trade agreement TRIMs GATS TRIPS GATT […]

  • Tropical Agriculture

    Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural activity > Crop productionAgri-Foodstuffs > Plant product > Fruit > Tropical fruitAgri-Foodstuffs > Plant product > Tropical plant Tropical agriculture Eurovoc reference 329 Tropical agriculture Related concepts Tropical fruit […]

  • Traditional Fishing

    Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Fisheries > Fishing industryProduction, Technology And Research > Technology and technical regulations > Technology > Choice of technology > Traditional technology Traditional fishing Eurovoc reference 2310 Traditional fishing Related concepts […]

  • Treaty On The Functioning Of The EU

    European Union > European Union law > European treaties Treaty on the Functioning of the EU Eurovoc reference 443137 Treaty on the Functioning of the EU Alternative Concepts Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union TFEU History New title of the Other Languages Spanish: Tratado de […]

  • Trading Hours

    Trade > Trade policy > Trade policy > Trade regulationsTrade > Distributive trades > Distributive trades Trading hours Eurovoc reference 5666 Trading hours Related concepts Distributive trades Retail trade Wholesale trade Customers Delivery Sales occupation Goodwill Merchant […]

  • Trade By Group Of Countries

    Trade > International trade > International trade Trade by group of countries Eurovoc reference 620 Trade by group of countries Alternative Concepts Inter-zonal trade Other Languages Spanish: Intercambio por grupos de países French: échange par groupe de pays German: Handel nach […]