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  • Share

    Finance > Free movement of capital > Financial market > SecuritiesEmployment And Working Conditions > Labour law and labour relations > Labour relations > Worker participation > Workers’ stock ownershipBusiness And Competition > Legal form of organisations > Organisation > Firm […]

  • Short-time Working

    Employment And Working Conditions > Employment > Unemployment Short-time working Eurovoc reference 5979 Short-time working Alternative Concepts Underemployment Other Languages Spanish: Paro parcial French: Chômage partiel German: Kurzarbeit Italian: Disoccupazione parziale Portuguese: […]

  • Sheep

    Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Means of agricultural production > LivestockAgri-Foodstuffs > Animal product > Animal product > WoolAgri-Foodstuffs > Animal product > Animal product > Meat > Sheepmeat Eurovoc reference 2211 Sheep Related concepts Wool Sheepmeat Alternative […]

  • Shadow Cabinet

    Politics > Politics and public safety > Politics > Political opposition Shadow cabinet Eurovoc reference 5074 Shadow cabinet Scope Group of leaders of the Opposition, each assigned to watch a major government department so as to challenge government policy in that field. If government […]

  • Shorter Working Week

    Employment And Working Conditions > Organisation of work and working conditions > Organisation of work > Arrangement of working time Shorter working week Eurovoc reference 163 Shorter working week Other Languages Spanish: Reducción de la semana laboral French: Contraction de la semaine […]

  • Sheep's Milk Cheese

    Agri-Foodstuffs > Processed agricultural produce > Milk product > CheeseAgriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Means of agricultural production > Livestock > Cattle Sheep’s milk cheese Eurovoc reference 1108 Sheep’s milk cheese Related concepts Cattle Calf Cow Bull Heifer Beef animal […]

  • Shape-memory Alloy

    Production, Technology And Research > Technology and technical regulations > Advanced materials Shape-memory alloy Eurovoc reference 3698 Shape-memory alloy Other Languages Spanish: Aleación de memoria French: Alliage à mémoire German: Memory-Legierung Italian: Lega dotata di memoria […]

  • Shumen Region

    Geography > Regions of EU Member States > Regions of Bulgaria > Severoiztochen (Bulgaria) Shumen region Eurovoc reference 8320 Shumen region Other Languages Spanish: Región de Shumen French: Région de Shumen German: Region Shumen Italian: Regione Shumen Portuguese: Região de Shumen […]

  • Shareholding

    Business And Competition > Business organisation > Economic concentrationBusiness And Competition > Accounting > Accounting > Operating result > ProfitBusiness And Competition > Legal form of organisations > Organisation > Undisclosed partnershipEmployment And Working Conditions > […]

  • Short-term Credit

    Finance > Financial institutions and credit > CreditFinance > Financing and investment > Financing > Short-term financing Short-term credit Eurovoc reference 286 Short-term credit Related concepts Short-term financing Alternative Concepts Cash credit Overdraft Other Languages […]