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  • Trafficking In Human Beings

    Law > Criminal law > Offence > Crime against individualsSocial Questions > Social affairs > Social problem > Crime > Organised crimeLaw > Rights and freedoms > Rights of the individual > Slavery Trafficking in human beings Eurovoc reference 5933 Trafficking in human beings Related […]

  • Teacher

    Education And Communications > Organisation of teaching > School life > School environmentEducation And Communications > Teaching > Vocational education > Teacher training Eurovoc reference 777 Teacher Related concepts Teacher training Alternative Concepts Professor Teaching staff […]

  • Tax On Oils And Fats

    Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural structures and production > Regulation of agricultural productionAgri-Foodstuffs > Processed agricultural produce > Fats Tax on oils and fats Eurovoc reference 2977 Tax on oils and fats Related concepts Fats Food fat Animal fats […]

  • Theology

    Social Questions > Culture and religion > Religion Eurovoc reference 3297 Theology Other Languages Spanish: Teología French: Théologie German: Theologie Italian: Teologia Portuguese: Teologia Polish: Teologia Properties and Values of Theology URI […]

  • Travel

    Social Questions > Social affairs > Leisure > Tourism Eurovoc reference 4767 Travel More specific concepts Traveller Carriage of passengers Transport user Alternative Concepts Business travel Business trip Tourist travel Other Languages Spanish: Viaje French: Voyage German: Reise […]

  • Transfrontier Pollution

    Environment > Deterioration of the environment > PollutionLaw > International law > Public international law > Territorial law Transfrontier pollution Eurovoc reference 2542 Transfrontier pollution Related concepts Territorial law Dependent territory Frontier Extra-territoriality […]

  • Triticale

    Agri-Foodstuffs > Plant product > Cereals Eurovoc reference 4571 Triticale Other Languages Spanish: Tritical French: Triticale German: Triticum Italian: Triticale Portuguese: Triticale Polish: Pszenżyto Properties and Values of Triticale URI […]

  • Thermodynamics

    Science > Natural and applied sciences > Physical sciencesEnergy > Soft energy > Soft energy > Thermal energy Eurovoc reference 4108 Thermodynamics Related concepts Thermal energy Other Languages Spanish: Termodinámica French: Thermodynamique German: Thermodynamik Italian: […]

  • Taxable Income

    Finance > Taxation > Tax systemFinance > Taxation > Fiscal policy > Distribution of the tax burden > Basis of tax assessment Taxable income Eurovoc reference 3685 Taxable income Related concepts Basis of tax assessment Other Languages Spanish: Renta imponible French: Revenu […]

  • Trade Cooperation

    International Relations > Cooperation policy > Cooperation policyTrade > International trade > Trade relations > Trade agreementTrade > Trade policy > Trade policy Trade cooperation Eurovoc reference 207 Trade cooperation Related concepts Trade agreement TRIMs GATS TRIPS GATT […]