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  • Mongolia

    Geography > Economic geography > Comecon countries Eurovoc reference 1968 Mongolia Other Languages Spanish: Mongolia French: Mongolie German: Die Mongolei Italian: Mongolia Portuguese: Mongólia Polish: Mongolia Properties and Values of Mongolia URI […]

  • Mashreq

    Geography > Asia and Oceania > Middle EastGeography > Economic geography > CAEU countries > Egypt Eurovoc reference 1727 Mashreq Related concepts Egypt More specific concepts Jordan Syria Palestine West Bank question Palestine question Status of Jerusalem Lebanon Other Languages […]

  • Mineral Oil

    Energy > Oil industry > Petrochemicals > Petroleum product Mineral oil Eurovoc reference 1267 Mineral oil Alternative Concepts Petroleum oil Other Languages Spanish: Aceite mineral French: Huile minérale German: Mineralöl Italian: Olio minerale Portuguese: óleo mineral Polish: Olej […]

  • Microelectronics

    Industry > Electronics and electrical engineering > Electronics industryEducation And Communications > Communications > Communications industryScience > Natural and applied sciences > Physical sciences > ElectronicsProduction, Technology And Research > Technology and technical […]

  • Member Country

    International Relations > Cooperation policy > Cooperation policy Member country Eurovoc reference 2298 Member country Scope Member of an international organisation other than the European Union. Other Languages Spanish: País miembro French: Pays membre German: Mitgliedsland Italian: […]

  • Mixed-ownership Company

    Business And Competition > Legal form of organisations > OrganisationBusiness And Competition > Business classification > Type of business > Public sectorEconomics > Economic structure > Economic system > Mixed economy Mixed-ownership company Eurovoc reference 4194 Mixed-ownership […]

  • Military Aircraft

    International Relations > Defence > Military equipmentTransport > Air and space transport > Air transportTransport > Air and space transport > Air transport > Aircraft fleetTransport > Air and space transport > Air transport > Aircraft fleet > AircraftInternational Relations > […]

  • Military Science

    International Relations > Defence > Defence policyProduction, Technology And Research > Research and intellectual property > Research > Military research Military science Eurovoc reference 7340 Military science Related concepts Military research Alternative Concepts Art of war […]

  • Minority Language

    Science > Humanities > Social sciences > Linguistics > Language Minority language Eurovoc reference 5701 Minority language Alternative Concepts Disappearing language Threatened language Endangered language Other Languages Spanish: Lengua minoritaria French: Langue minoritaire German: […]

  • Modern History

    Science > Humanities > Social sciences > History Modern history Eurovoc reference 5664 Modern history Alternative Concepts Modern era Other Languages Spanish: Historia moderna French: Histoire moderne German: Geschichte der Neuzeit Italian: Storia moderna Portuguese: História Moderna […]