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  • Apulia

    Geography > Regions of EU Member States > Regions of Italy Eurovoc reference 2570 Apulia Other Languages Spanish: Apulia French: Pouilles German: Apulien Italian: Puglia Portuguese: Púglia Polish: Apulia Properties and Values of Apulia URI […]

  • Academic Freedom

    Law > Rights and freedoms > Social rightsEducation And Communications > Teaching > Teaching > Private educationEducation And Communications > Teaching > Teaching > Public education Academic freedom Eurovoc reference 3914 Academic freedom Related concepts Private education Public […]

  • African Court Of Justice And Human Rights

    International Organisations > Extra-European organisations > African organisation > African UnionLaw > Rights and freedoms > Human rights > Charter on human rights > African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights African Court of Justice and Human Rights Eurovoc reference 450953 African […]

  • Air Force

    International Relations > Defence > Armed forcesInternational Relations > Defence > Military equipment > Military aircraft Air force Eurovoc reference 3439 Air force Related concepts Military aircraft Fighter aircraft Bomber Combat helicopter Alternative Concepts Royal Air Force […]

  • Anti-dumping Duty

    Business And Competition > Competition > Competition law > Anti-dumping legislationTrade > Tariff policy > Customs tariff > Customs duties Anti-dumping duty Eurovoc reference 519 Anti-dumping duty Related concepts Customs duties Alternative Concepts Final anti-dumping duty Temporary […]

  • Apartheid

    Law > Rights and freedoms > Anti-discriminatory measure > Racial discrimination Eurovoc reference 2086 Apartheid Other Languages Spanish: Apartheid French: Apartheid German: Apartheid Italian: Apartheid Portuguese: Apartheid Polish: Apartheid Properties and Values of Apartheid URI […]

  • Asian And Pacific Council

    International Organisations > Extra-European organisations > Asian organisation Asian and Pacific Council Eurovoc reference 120 Asian and Pacific Council Alternative Concepts ASPAC Scope A now obsolete organisation created on 14 June 1966 by the governments of Australia, Japan, South […]

  • Aid Policy

    International Relations > Cooperation policyEconomics > Economic conditions > Economic developmentEconomics > Economic policy > Economic policy > Development policyInternational Relations > International affairs > International affairs > International aidInternational Relations […]

  • Access To EU Information

    European Union > EU institutions and European civil service > Operation of the Institutions > Transparency in decision-makingEducation And Communications > Information and information processing > Information policy > Access to information Access to EU information Eurovoc reference […]

  • Arctic Ocean

    Environment > Natural environment > Geophysical environment > Ocean Eurovoc reference 2109 Arctic Ocean Other Languages Spanish: Océano Ártico French: Océan Arctique German: Nordpolarmeer Italian: Oceano Artico Portuguese: Oceano Ártico Polish: Ocean Arktyczny Properties and Values of […]